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Now open in the Thornton Colorado area. We offer cost effective IT support for office and home users but with our site we want to not only tell you about us but offer some tips and tricks that you may find useful. We also list associated products that we have used as well as pointing out some exciting technologies or services we have seen.

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We offer all types of network services to in home and office environments. We specialize in networks from LAN support, server administration, workstation installation and support right down to printer support.

Let us assist you with your network needs, fill out the contact us form on the left sidebar and we will contact you to review your needs or supply your requested information.

Associated Products:

Cost Recovery of Printing:

Cost recovery is getting reimbursed for the printing or copying you do for your customers that are able to be billed back to your customers projects for printing functions to support that project..

It is as simple as that. And, your cost recovery tool should be too. AbacusPCR is fast, accurate and easy-to-use.

With AbacusPCR, all your printers and copiers are tracked, by user, by project, by client, or whatever criteria your business requires.

*(some restrictions & minimum requirements needed to track copiers)

That information is reported back to you quickly and easily through a powerful reporting engine, getting you the information you need, when you need it.

Click on the link below for a quick view of what the user experience is and how easy it is to capture the project information for print cost recovery.

Contact us today for a online demonstration if you have the requirement to recover printing costs back to your client.

New Technologies:

For the document management professional, have you seen SkySite? An exciting new document management application from ARC Document Solutions. It allows everything from collaboration to document management to basic revision control. Sure to be a boom for anyone that needs a cloud solution to manage their documents, plans and more. The application also has a iPad application, desktop sync application and soon to come Android application.

Have a look today at this exciting application.

Helpful Tips:

Just upgraded to Windows 10? Looking for your favorites? You now need to import your old Internet Explorer settings into the new "Edge" browser.

To do this follow these easy steps:

Open Edge

Click on the hub icon (the Three horizontal lines to the left of the pencil icon upper right corner).

Select IMPORT FAVORITES to the right of the screen.

Select the favorites from the earlier browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc. (a checkmark means it will import these favorites from the old browser)

Select the IMPORT button and you are all set.

To look at your favorites just click on that hub icon (Threee horizontal lines to the left of the pencil in the upper right of the Edge window). You can scroll to see them all

Business Utilities:

Need a good mileage tracker for business? Try TripLog whch is an easy application for the phone and web interface.

Use the link for a 30 day trial... great utility for keeping track of business miles.